Here’s my first blog from my new website, very exciting!  My website features images of my works which is currently acrylic on canvas ranging from 70×70 cm to 100×100 cm. Fairly soon I will be exploring a new process, that of silkscreen printing. As well as painting I love photography and I want to combine the two elements in a series of new printed works. I have signed up for some mentoring sessions at a local print workshop, so fingers crossed I’ll be well into the swing of things by the end of April. These works will eventually be for sale via my shop in various sizes on paper or canvas and if you prefer to buy originals they are also for sale. In the future I will be printing onto fabrics too, so a very exciting time ahead. I’ll keep you posted, with images from the whole process.

Having a studio here at the Sorting Office is fantastic and its accessible at any time night or day so much nicer than trying to work from home off the kitchen table and my clients really enjoy visiting my workspace and being amongst the materials themselves. Plus with so many other creatives around we often bounce ideas off one another and talk about our work.”

I paints in a abstract/expressionist free and intuitive style featuring heavy & light gestures.  Building up a multi- layered appearance with vibrant and contrasting colours.  I’m permanently engaged in conversation between directional or static shapes and colour, colour always lead the way for me it is the most important element of my work.

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