Walk with me ……….

In my work, I am driven to capture the ethereal beauty and enigmatic allure of tall grasses, tangled stems, and the mysterious depths of undergrowth. Before the lockdown, I found solace in painting intuitive abstract landscapes with a discernible horizon. However, the transformative experience of lockdown propelled me to explore the intricate relationship between nature and the emotions it evokes, namely a sense of both sanctuary and foreboding.

In a world filled with uncertainties, I am drawn to the darker moments that punctuate our lives, and it is these emotions that I seek to convey through my art. I find great fascination in the interplay of light and darkness, juxtaposing the resplendent colors of nature with the hidden corners and crevices that hold an air of intrigue. It is within these contrasts that the true essence of existence is revealed.

Working predominantly with acrylics, I employ smooth layers of paint to establish a harmonious foundation. However, it is the application of the brushstrokes that infuse the artwork with an undeniable energy, unveiling the vibrant layers beneath. By incorporating graphite and oil pastel in the final stages, I enhance the depth and texture of the composition, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the multifaceted nature of the subject matter.

Through my artistic process, I strive to evoke a deep emotional connection within the viewer, inviting them to explore the duality of our surroundings. The intermingling of light and dark, certainty and uncertainty, creates a visual narrative that speaks to the human experience. Ultimately, my aim is to capture the essence of the natural world and its ability to reflect the complexities and contradictions of our own lives.

She is currently exhibiting with The Bradford Gallery, Bradford-on-Avon and has been one of many artists represented at The Fresh Art Fair Cheltenham & Ascot Racecourse .

Her painting ‘Summer Meadow’ featured on Grayson Perry’s Art Club 2 programme on Channel 4 in 2021.

Eve also tutors at Peter Symonds Adult Education College in Winchester https://ahed.psc.ac.uk/website/psapps/and Hampshire Art Studios in Bransbury, Winchester http://Hampshire Art Studios . Click on the website links to see the full range of courses and workshops that Eve has to offer.

Are you creative, would you like advise and feedback on your drawing or painting well look no further because Eve also offers a online mentoring/coaching service. If you have often thought of painting or drawing but uncertain as to how to start then this will help. Contact Eve on the number below and she will formulate a plan to help boost your confidence and skills.

If you have any questions please contact Eve via email at e.v.dawson@icloud.com or call on 07801421363 or send a direct message via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dawsonevey

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