My Inspiration & Creativity

Eve Dawson MA (Fine Art) is a Hampshire based artist. Eve’s work is predominately Abstract Expressive and a perfect balance between the serendipitous and the planned. Her creative language is colour. As well as her studio practise Eve is an art teacher at Peter Symonds Adult Education College in Winchester tutoring courses & workshops and Hampshire Art Studio. She also gives some of her time as a volunteer creative at ‘Prescriptive Art’ in Romsey. Eve’s work is also collected by private individuals in the UK and internationally. Eve gives a description of her practise below . . . . . .

‘Most days I walk the fields that surround my house immersing myself in the different seasons, clearing my mind of the general ‘white noise’, calming my thoughts, taking stock of things. It’s not just a matter of going out for a walk, its the act of walking and where the mind goes. I love the with wide sweeping lines of landscape but equally the close up natural tangle of plants and often stop to study them more closely.

I think the act of painting for me is similar to walking, the canvas is my landscape and as I travel across I leave a trail, evidence of my personality and sense of self. I work in acrylics building up a series of layers, layers of intuitive, expressive brush strokes and marks. The occasional shot of intense colour just to get attention! As the layers build up I then start to add finer details in pencil, pastels and inks, when I feel that there is nothing more to add and the painting is done then it’s time to move on.  I’ll walk a different route, where will my path head next and what will I see? Who knows.’