Teaching Onsite & Online

I thoroughly enjoy sharing the creative skills I have acquired over the years, including various painting techniques and approaches. Teaching others about all aspects of drawing brings me immense joy, and I take pride in how my teaching methods have evolved over time. I embrace the role of the “artist” who shares knowledge in a relaxed and informal manner. In my vision, we are all participants in one large studio space, where we can openly exchange our experiences and frustrations. I understand that the creative process is not always smooth sailing; in fact, the failures and mistakes often hold greater significance than the successes. My ultimate goal is for everyone to leave with a positive and confident mindset, unafraid to explore and experiment.

Whether I am teaching online or in-person, my aim is to cultivate a relaxed space that encourages open conversations about the creative process. I believe that through dialogue and exchange, we can delve deeper into the intricacies of artistic expression. Whether we’re discussing brush techniques, color theory, or conceptual ideas, I want to create a space where numerous conversations can flourish. By fostering this environment, I hope to inspire a sense of camaraderie among my students, allowing for the exploration of different perspectives and the sharing of valuable insights.

Pastel & Graphite Drawing by Stuart – Express Yourself Through Drawing Tuesday 12.00 – 2pm

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