My Creative Process

Join me and we can walk together, across canvases of landscapes and dream like vistas. Each painting has colours that will transport you to another place full of vibrant rich colours, textures and hidden depths. Each painting has been inspired by our relationship with nature throughout our lives and during difficult times.

Most days I walk in the fields near to my house, walking to a favourite spot. Time then to sit, look and listen and enjoy the moment, the peace. I have childhood memories of long summer walks and picnics. Memories of laying in the tall grass listening to crickets whilst looking up at the sky. Walking in solitude listening to the sky lark, noticing the twists and turns of old man’s beard, wild clematis and briar rose. Sometimes walking with friends and family deep in conversation but all the time taking in my surroundings.

Walking is discovery, exploration, colours and textures all of which inspire my paintings. I aim to recreate in my paintings that moment of being enveloped in a tangle of nature. Paint strokes like conversations drift on the air. Paths of drawn lines meander across the canvas and colours lead this way and that. What direction will these colours and brush strokes lead you and where will you sit and rest? 

April News

This brand new online zoom course is due to commence on Monday April 19th, to book your slot visit Hampshire Art Studios. This is a guided course working towards a large intuitive/expressive work on the theme of ‘The Drama of Spring’. Students will be using acrylic paints, graphite, watercolour pencils, acrylic inks and oil paste and other materials come to hand. Artists whose influence will inform the direction of the course are Albert Irvin and John Hoyland. If you have any questions then please get in contact Eve via her contact page or email at

Current Work

During lockdowns nature has featured highly in daily life, time spent literally walking through all the seasons. The mixed media work below which is semi representational dimensions 80 x 97cm was produced in the second lockdown and the more abstract work also pictured was created during the very first lockdown when the whole country was in a state of anxiety and turmoil, which comes across in the work. Look out on the shop page for future giclee prints.

Summer Meadow in Lockdown
A work created during Isolation & Sheilding 2020
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Dimensions approx 100 x 130 cm

Peter Symonds

I have been a creative tutor/mentor at Peter Symonds Adult Education Centre for three years. Here are the courses for 2021, please visit this site to register:

Portrait Drawing and Painting – Evening Course Code: A19B 
Course Dates: 11 Jan 2021 – 22 Mar 2021Course Fees: £139 Location: Weeke – AHED Centre

Art for All – Drawing & Painting – Day Time Course Code: A60B 
Course Dates: 12 Jan 2021 – 23 Mar 2021Course Fees: £124Location: Weeke – AHED Centre

3 Zoom Classes in Expressive Acrylic Drawing (Expired)

This is a 3 week ZOOM class 10 – 12am on a Monday with Eve Dawson.

  • 14th 21st and 28th September, 2020
  • 10.00am to 12 noon
  • £50/course

The class will be via Zoom. You will be given your access code on the morning of the class. If you have not used this technology before please try to ‘arrive at the class’ before 9.50 so we can help you if you need help. During the class all students will be muted and the video of the students turned off. It will be possible to ask questions. Please go to …

Mixed Media Drawing on Paper

Teaching etc.,

As well as her studio practise Eve is an art facilitator at Peter Symonds Adult Education College in Winchester tutoring daytime & evening courses & workshops, plus she offers Master Classes at Hampshire Art Studios. She is also an occasional volunteer creative at ‘Prescriptive Art’ in Romsey.

Please see the following website for a full list of classes: or contact Eve to discuss any of the above.

Student feedback:

Mixed Media and Collage:

I have enjoyed the course.  Eve is very helpful and prepared and brings in materials to try out.  She is patient, informative and inspiring. I have learned how to use acrylic inks, blending acrylics and collage.

 Splash of Colour Workshop:

A very enjoyable introduction to a wide range of ideas and techniques.  Incredible how the group all used same colour palette yet achieved such different results.  Thanks Eve, a fabulous, creative workshop.

 Art Workshop Painting for Complete Beginners:

A good overall course for a beginner like myself. Eve explains things clearly. Learned more about art in one morning than I did during 2 years at school 50 years ago! Also learned about mixing colours and framing parts of an overall painting. Eve is a really encouraging teacher and is happy to share her knowledge.

 Acrylic Painting Techniques:

Eve has pushed us to look at painting in a different light – more freely. She has been extremely helpful and I have learnt in other ways. Always circulating, and giving advice when asked for, she has worked very hard to think up varying topics and themes.  She has been good for us!