Teaching etc.,

As well as her studio practise Eve is an art facilitator at Peter Symonds Adult Education College in Winchester tutoring daytime & evening courses & workshops, plus she offers Master Classes at Hampshire Art Studios. She is also an occasional volunteer creative at ‘Prescriptive Art’ in Romsey.

Please see the following website for a full list of classes: https://ahed.psc.ac.uk or contact Eve to discuss any of the above.

Student feedback:

Mixed Media and Collage:

I have enjoyed the course.  Eve is very helpful and prepared and brings in materials to try out.  She is patient, informative and inspiring. I have learned how to use acrylic inks, blending acrylics and collage.

 Splash of Colour Workshop:

A very enjoyable introduction to a wide range of ideas and techniques.  Incredible how the group all used same colour palette yet achieved such different results.  Thanks Eve, a fabulous, creative workshop.

 Art Workshop Painting for Complete Beginners:

A good overall course for a beginner like myself. Eve explains things clearly. Learned more about art in one morning than I did during 2 years at school 50 years ago! Also learned about mixing colours and framing parts of an overall painting. Eve is a really encouraging teacher and is happy to share her knowledge.

 Acrylic Painting Techniques:

Eve has pushed us to look at painting in a different light – more freely. She has been extremely helpful and I have learnt in other ways. Always circulating, and giving advice when asked for, she has worked very hard to think up varying topics and themes.  She has been good for us!