My Creative Process

Join me and we can walk together, across canvases of landscapes and dream like vistas. Each painting has colours that will transport you to another place full of vibrant rich colours, textures and hidden depths. Each painting has been inspired by our relationship with nature throughout our lives and during difficult times.

Most days I walk in the fields near to my house, walking to a favourite spot. Time then to sit, look and listen and enjoy the moment, the peace. I have childhood memories of long summer walks and picnics. Memories of laying in the tall grass listening to crickets whilst looking up at the sky. Walking in solitude listening to the sky lark, noticing the twists and turns of old man’s beard, wild clematis and briar rose. Sometimes walking with friends and family deep in conversation but all the time taking in my surroundings.

Walking is discovery, exploration, colours and textures all of which inspire my paintings. I aim to recreate in my paintings that moment of being enveloped in a tangle of nature. Paint strokes like conversations drift on the air. Paths of drawn lines meander across the canvas and colours lead this way and that. What direction will these colours and brush strokes lead you and where will you sit and rest? 

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